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Healthy lifestyle

The modern heat recovery ventilation systems help you provide controlled fresh air supply and the reliable outlet of used and humid air. This way you can live healthier, because fresh air is the first step towards healthy residential air-conditioning.

Energy conservation

Energy conservation with Labaro. You can achieve 50% energy saving with 95% heat recovery! Because you pay attention to your environment and your expenses.

Added value

Learn how the future fresh air system of Labaro helps you today in preventing water damage, and even in  improving the value of your property.

The Swedish-German heat recovery ventilators distributed by Labaro Kft. offer the perfect solution for the ventilation of your family house/flat.

You will be 100% satisfied with the systems distributed by us, because

  • we apply unique solutions and technology that cannot be found anywhere else (e.g. custom-adjustable supply and exhaust),

  • excellent quality, reasonable price,

  • extremely low energy consumption,

  • assessment and design gratis,

  • turnkey execution,

  • flexible terms of payment,

  • 6 years guarantee at a maximum for the whole system,

  • several hundreds of completed projects in Hungary.

Take a look at our show houses, where you can personally observe the excellent qualities of the system.


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