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Healthy lifestyle


Labaro values

The Swedish-German heat recovery ventilation systems distributed by Labaro Kft. offer the perfect solution for the ventilation of your family house or flat.

Energy conservation

Energy conservation with Labaro. You can achieve 50% energy saving with 95% heat recovery! Because you pay attention to your environment and your expenses.

Added value

Learn how the future fresh air system of Labaro helps you today in preventing water damage, and even in  improving the value of your property.

This way you can live healthier, because fresh air is the first step towards healthy residential air-conditioning.

According to current surveys, in Western countries health counts as the greatest human value. However, these days health means more than just freedom from illness. With the help of conscious nourishment, relaxation and exercise, more and more people strive to achieve a better quality of life. Also our sensitivity to environmental effects has increased. "For example, how can we live in a healthier way?" - people tend to ask. "With better air" - we answer.

Now we present you what we mean under this.

You will be able to lead a healthier lifestyle. Since fresh air is the first step towards healthier residential air-conditioning.

Have you ever thought about it that...: we usually spend 21.6 hours per day in confined spaces? Meanwhile, we breathe in 18000 litres of air with 26000 breaths. Waouh! That should be enough reason for you to provide for fresh air in your rooms. Let’s see: a new house which was built according to the standards of energy conservation is structurally closed and well-sealed/insulated. Energy-wise this is reasonable, however, fresh air, which is indispensable for breathing, stays outside. The problem: we usually notice bad air in an indirect way and usually too late. Used and humid air, deleterious substances and carbon dioxide (which is generated at every expiration) induce indisposition, exhaustion and headache very quickly. This was also realized by the legislators, and in §5, section 2 of the energy conservation regulations it was stipulated that: "the minimum air change necessary for health protection and heating shall be ensured".

The solution: modern heat recovery ventilators help you provide controlled fresh air supply and the reliable outlet of used and humid air.

For your health and good general condition - at each breath.

The Labaro 3F fresh air system:

  • provides for the quality of healthy room air

  • protects from water damage and moulding

  • alleviates allergy problems

Because your health must be important for you, too.


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