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Energy conservation - passive house ventilation


Labaro values

The Swedish-German heat recovery ventilation systems distributed by Labaro Kft. offer the perfect solution for the ventilation of your family house or flat.

Healthy lifestyle

The modern heat recovery ventilation systems help you provide controlled fresh air supply and the reliable outlet of used and humid air. This way you can live healthier, because fresh air is the first step towards healthy residential air-conditioning.

Added value

Learn how the future fresh air system of Labaro helps you today in preventing water damage, and even in  improving the value of your property.

Energy conservation with Labaro (passive house ventilation)

You can achieve 50% energy saving with 95% heat recovery!

The Energy Conservation Regulations, effective since 2002, handle houses as a whole: the buildings and the HVAC system must build up a logical unit, by also taking into account the use of primary energy. By observing the energy standards, the comparison is clear: installing Labaro 3F-fresh air system not only fulfils the standards, but also spares you a great amount of energy, and thus much money when settling heating expenses.

You can save 50% energy with even 96% heat recovery.

Did you know that you use 77% of the power demand of your household for room heating? Naturally, a solid constructional unit and good insulation is a good start for using less energy. According to the regulations on thermal protection and energy conservation, houses are more and more insulated, which means that the values of overall heat loss are decreasing. Heat losses are added up by the so-called transmission and ventilation heat losses.

By this we mean the energy we waste in an uncontrolled way when opening the windows. In the draughty palaces of our ancestors it was all different. In those days air found its own way between wall joints and building blocks. We define transmission heat loss as the heat (warmth) which gets lost between the building blocks "automatically".

In case of old buildings the proportion of ventilation heat loss was small. What is the situation today, having these regulations? The situation is exactly the opposite: due to leak-proofing and insulation, transmission heat loss is only a fraction.

And here is the good news: according to building energetic calculations, the greatest saving potential lies within the area of ventilation.

Experience yourself, why the heat recovery flat-ventilation is the most effective procedure for the energy-efficient operation of your family house.

The Labaro 3F fresh air system:

  • saves energy up to 96% heat availability

  • protects the environment

  • reduces your heating expenses.

Because you pay attention to your environment and your expenses.


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