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Befresh and Refresh

Befresh fresh air system

The fresh air system from Labaro 3F for family houses and flats

With Labaro you can install the complete fresh air system of the house. The design is closely adjusted to the ideal 2Q-principle:

Cross ventilation and displacement ventilation

The position of the air outlet can be selected relatively freely to allow the air to circulate well in the room and fill it. At first you cannot flow air into the room at a great speed, it will enter slowly, as coming from a single source.

As opposed to traditional ventilating installations, the design of the Labaro fresh air system, because of low constructional dimensions and the easy placement of the system, can be executed in accordance with the architectural plan of the building without any problems.

How does the fresh air system from Labaro actually work?

Of course, behind the name Labaro a very carefully planned system is hiding.

However, its function is basically very simple: the fresh outside air is sucked in by the ventilation unit from the earth heat exchanger. After it has been filtered and pre-heated in the ventilation unit, the air is supplied to the supply air rooms (living rooms, workrooms and bedrooms) via the riser mains, the central distributor and the PluggFlex ducts (in the floor construction). The air is discharged through outlets integrated in the floor or wall and covered with a faceplate. The entire area is supplied evenly and effectively with fresh air from there. The air then flows through the openings in or on the doors to the cross section rooms (corridor, hall). Finally it enters the exhaust air rooms (kitchen, bathroom, WC) also through door gaps. The humid, used up air is led from there as exhaust air through a filter, an angular connecting piece and a PluggFlex SL080 hose to the exhaust plenum. It is then sucked in through a manifold, the silencer, a filter and the heat exchanger and transfers almost all of its thermal energy to the supply air. The humid, used up air is reliably discharged out of the house, e.g.:  through the outside wall. And finished! The air amounts are set centrally on the respective distributor or collector with a low noise level. Complex regulation with measurement devices is usually not necessary. Furthermore, the individual connections for each room prevent sound transmission between the rooms.

Your benefits:

You enjoy all benefits of a constant fresh air supply at your home without any impairment by draughts or interfering noises. Our air outlets are integrated inconspicuously in your living environment due to their discrete design, and they are noise-free.


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