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Added value

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Labaro values

The Swedish-German heat recovery ventilation systems distributed by Labaro Kft. offer the perfect solution for the ventilation of your family house or flat.

Healthy lifestyle

The modern heat recovery ventilation systems help you provide controlled fresh air supply and the reliable outlet of used and humid air. This way you can live healthier, because fresh air is the first step towards healthy residential air-conditioning.

Energy conservation

Energy conservation with Labaro. You can achieve 50% energy saving with 95% heat recovery! Because you pay attention to your environment and your expenses.

If you are not careful, the value of your house will quickly decrease without you "noticing" it. The missing air motions may produce moulds, which are not visible. Material composition is constantly decaying and it cannot or can hardly be improved. Learn how the future fresh air system from Labaro helps you today in preventing water damage, and even in improving the value of your property.

For some, this situation sends chills down their spines: the independent examination of Dresden University of Technology verified that the signs of water damage were visible at almost every sixth house. However, the number of water damage is a multiple of this number off the record. No wonder that the periodical "Bauzeitung" (architecture publication) already sounded the alarm in 2000: “water damage” consumes billions. Once the mould appears in the corner, the value of your house has been reduced. Labaro makes it different: by installing a modern, controlled residential ventilation system, your house is worth even more today than another flat without this technology. With the fresh air system Labaro is able to prevent the risk of loss in value in the coming years due to water damage. Moreover, it can kill two birds with one stone. Since with the infrastructure of Labaro: e.g. heat pipes can also be laid simultaneously (protected).  What will you do, when your family members grow up and your children would like to have a modern communication system in ten years? It is no problem with Labaro. You can provide for the next day today.

The Labaro fresh air system offers:

  • protection of the consistency of the building

  • flexibility for the future

Because your home must be valuable for you, too.


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